Common Mistakes You Should Avoid in Car Rentals

08 Feb

There are more than a handful of reasons why you're contemplating on renting a car. It may be because you're planning to go on a long and fun road trip with friends or perhaps you're taking the entire family for a vacation in the summer. Well, car rental in general has become a booming and flourishing business thanks primarily to the increasing demand. However, choosing a car rental company isn't as easy as you think it is. There are some very common mistakes you're most likely going to make if you're not careful. These mistakes could mean you spending more than what you're supposed to or perhaps you end up ruining the entire trip because you chose the wrong car or company.

Here are mistakes you should avoid making when renting a car for the first time:

Renting a car at the airport - You probably have heard this popular notion that everything at the airport is expensive. Well, the same holds true for renting a car. Therefore, if you don't want to get ripped off, never try car rentals at the airport because they usually justify the hefty price tag by saying that they are incorporating premium location fees.

Failing to understand penalties - When it comes to car rentals, majority of these companies offering their fleet are so strict when it comes to returning a car. Therefore, if you don't find time to read the contract, then you likely will pay a hefty penalty by simply returning the car late. Also, penalties aren't just about returning the car you rented late, as there also are other stuff that could force you to pay like smoking inside and damaging the car. Know more about car rentals at

Falling for those extra services you don't really need - There are certain services that car rental companies at will offer you at an extra charge; but mind you, most of them are stuff you don't really need. Yes, things like roadside service or GPS might appear important, but you still must weigh in the cost of adding them.

Deciding to waive car rental insurance - This right here is a huge mistake if you aren't covered by your insurance provider for car rentals. Yes, buying car rental insurance may put a dent in your pocket, but it is very important especially if you are traveling and driving to an unfamiliar place or if you know in advance that your destination is known for its extreme weather conditions.

Not considering other options - Finally, just like when you're buying stuff, you must know how to do comparison shopping. It's never a good idea to stick to one car rental company like Rental Cars UAE without looking at its competitors. If you want to get the best deal, you must compare.

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